Sunday, August 23, 2020

Members Round Robin Aug 22 - 23

The Green Gables Round Robin held August 21st -  23rd was blessed by good weather, keen competition and an atmosphere of conviviality and graciousness.


Second Flight Doubles

The second flight doubles featured a variety of players, including Jim Daniels, Eric Daniels and Jon Bonny, who had never played in a tournament before.  

All reported a new understanding of the rules, and the challenges of cooperation.

Several matches came down to multiple last turns and all teams won at least one game.

Jim and Eric came out on the top of the block, followed by the Grete Scott Entourage.


Participating teams were:

  • Jim & Eric Daniels

  • Chuck Reynolds & Jon Bonny

  • Pat Richmond & Nancy Paris

  • Grete Scott & Diane Fitzsimons (& Jo-Anne Nappi & Geri Venino)


First Flight Singles 

First Flight Singles was a showdown of familiar friends and foes.

Sam Collins appeared to be unstoppable, with his bold and daring play and giant swing, until he ran into the Green Gables Giant Killer, Karen Leoncavallo, who posted the only victory against Sam.

Players experienced both jubilation and heartbreak.

Jubilation as a ball mercifully runs a hoop.

Heartbreak as a ball clears the wicket and then rolls back into the wicket, not clearing it.

Disbelief as a carefully set up break opportunity is destroyed by a cross-court roquet.

Although it may be hard for non-croquet players to believe, but these 75 minute games were filled with laser focus, tension and excitement, for players and spectators.


Sam Collins did come out on top of the block, followed by Scott Kennedy & Dennis Leddy.

Participants were:

  • Sam Collins

  • Scott Kennedy

  • Dennis Leddy

  • Karen Leoncavallo

  • Scott McMurray

  • Richard Ricciardi

  • Ric Venino


Special thanks for our generous board-keepers, especially Jo-Anne Nappi and Ann Leddy, 

Special thanks to our organizers and referees Loretta and Tom Cooper, Karen Leoncavallo and others.


Ann Leddy Controlling the Board


Pat Richmond & Nancy Paris. The Croquet Shot from Black for the Setup

Lining Up for the Wicket

The Swing...............

Never in Doubt, and Off to the Next!

Is Richard Playing Red and Yellow? Hope so...

Grete, Always Smiling

"Giant Killer" Karen Lining Up for the Attack

   Relaxed Karen with Richard

Dennis, of Course You Know What to Do....

Score, Pick Up Your Clip, Off to the Next Wicket...

Loretta Wins the Best Dressed with Her Hat and Bright Blue Scarf

Loretta Ref Extraordinaire Watching a Shot, Keeping the Peace

Future Players of the Daniels Clan, Hanging Out and Watching

Jim & Eric Daniels ,On a Roll at Their First Tournament Event

Awesome Chuck Reynolds Playing with Jon Bonny

Local Spring Lake Visitor Watching the Action, a.k.a. Potential Member.

Scott Shooting for 1 Back with Blue in Perfect Position 

It's All About the Wicket Count!!

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